Jumat, 29 April 2016

Hello Again!! 😊

Hai2..ini Soojung 😄
Setelah lebih dari setahun ga pernah update apa2 lagi disini, akhirnya ada niat juga buat review produk skincare lagi.
Hmmm..udah lama ga nulis jadi agak bingung juga mau mulai darimana hahaha. Maaf kalau jadi agak canggung. Kalau ada yg comment terus ga dibales bales sama kita juga mohon maaf. Setelah lulus kuliah, kita berdua jadi ga ada waktu buat buka blog ini 😢
Gw juga jadi jarang belanja2 skincare dan make up lagi sejak tahun kemaren. Rasanya males aja beli yg baru, yg ada juga masih banyak. Perawatan harian juga cuma cumuk, toner, serum (kadang2) sm lotion. Make up juga cuma gonta ganti eyeliner, cc cream sm maskara. Apa gw harus buka online shop lagi biar rajin perawatan? Hahaha

Soo..Di post selanjutnya gw mau ngereview produk baru dari skinfood, Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule in Serum. Terakhir kali beli skincare dari skinfood kayanya 2 taun yg lalu, waktu modelnya masih Lee Min Jung hahaha. Biasanya buat skincare gw lebih suka beli innisfree (udah sering ngomong soal ini). Tapi kali ini gw tergoda buat beli produk skinfood gara2 lagi demen2nya sama Ryu Jun Yeol.hwhw *fangirling mode on

Liat2.. kuning2 menggoda kan? Suasana musim seminya langsung keliatan 😄

Cr: skinfood official IG

Gw cuma beli ampoule nya karena serum gw udah mau abis dan kulit gw mulai banyak masalah. Butuh sesuatu yg efeknya cepet.
Mungkin masih ada yg bingung bedanya serum sama ampoule apa. Di post selanjutnya akan kita bahas 😁

Update 10/5 : aaaaa.. udh tgl 10 tp blm sempet nulis post selanjutnya 😢

- Soojung -

Jumat, 08 Agustus 2014

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation Review

Hello again guys, These months has been a very hectic and busy months for me..I'm super busy with my final assignments, actually there's a bunch of review awaiting since I bought so many products to reviewed at.

with no more chit chat then, let's go right to the review of this 3CE foundation~

This is the package. so chic yet simple. Liked it! 

I choose the nude beige shade. which is too dark for my skin..I should've choose the brighter one (milk ivory) 
the shade has two type (warm n cool tone skin) in total 4 shades. 

here's the swatch for you ladies~

yes it is so watery consistency..as you can see in the picture above~

I blend that much of product in my hand and..so hard to see, yes? i think that is because this product is so watery and doens't seem cover much the skin.

Let's do some test then, I applied my dolly wink black eyeliner pen and write my name kn it, let's see how much could this foundation cover it~



As you can see even though I applied so much product on my hand the words still clearly seen.

My thoughts on this products:
-this products is kinda pricey, for cc and bb cream lovers as me of course,
-the jar is really chic and sturdy yet simple, with small pipet tools to grab the products inside without difficulty
-this products contain 40gr. Good enough deal for the price.
-easily blend since this is watery consistency
-this product didn't cakey up even I already use a whole lot on my hand (that maybe because my hand doesn't sweat and bloated as much as on the face)-->remember to always use a little by little.
-have glossy and glowing finish and feel really lightweight to skin. (though I would say the glossiness is fading by times)
-didn't cover up much. especially people with lots of blemishes and acne-scarring. Very sheer coverage.
-good for people who prefer an lightweight makeup. (since I find bb cream does feel thicker than this foundation)
-good for natural daily-makeup
-good for summer too (just add a little but finishing powder on your entire face kightly and you're done!)

you CAN always blend this product with any concealer (especially liquid-type) or any of your favorite bb cream / foundation. For me, I would mix this product 1:1:1 (cc cream:bb cream:this foundie) since I found this shade is a little bit too dark for my skin.

I think it would be great too if you mix it well with some blusher, or highlighter for your cheekbone area and nose area.
You can use some of your lip tint for blusher. 

Try to mix a small bit of product each first so you wouldn't end up too cakey, or too red (with blusher), so you wouldn't ruin your makeup.

Rating: 3.8/5
Repurchase: Maybe. (I'll find out more about how it turned out if I use this in my daily activities everyday)

Have a nice day everyone~! 



Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

BRTC Blemish Serum Review

Hello again lovelies, happy weekend~!! (Let's forget that tomorrow is actually Monday again) *sob sob*
today I'm gonna review one of my HG skin care which will benefit all of you with acne prone skin, and sensitive skin.

We'll cut all that talk, since I'm a very big fans of this product, called Blemish serum from BRTC.

I belive in skin care range from innisfree to treat my acne and things, but BRTC skin care range is a different matter, so to cut it short, I belive those skin care product from both BRTC and Innisfree range works the best for me. Since I always use make up range from innisfree, but I tents to use more skin care range from BRTC a lot, (even though I use Innisfree skin care range a lot too~^^).

Which one works faster? I would proudly say, BRTC. When I'm in urgent, using BRTC serum is a really great choice. *truly* like when I have some special upcoming event in a week or so, but my skin looks so damaged with pimples and acne, that's the time when I'm in the urge to use this baby. And this product works fantastically~

My skin has gone to breakout because of wrong product. I actually always review a good products, right? but actually this time, maybe I have this sickening products to review very bad in the near future. That product makes my skin broke out so badly, with very small deadly pimples around my cheeks, and even my nose area, (the one space between both my brows and the nose bridge)--> that is..nightmare..totally nightmare. I thought I was doing good handling all those pimples and break out since 2011-2012, and just really need to take more care about my acne scar, and now my skin goes rampage because of this single product..Guess how terrified my skin is? that's when I find solution, find this product, and use it right away after the package come to my home.

The intensity ot this product is just the very same with my restore serum from BRTC line, that is also my HG to take note~XD

it has the sama blue phyto coloured consistency, but more vivid on the restore serum BRTC than this product.

I love love love this product. I helps me a lot! totally a saver of my skin-life. Not only save my skin form existing pimples and acne, it also preventing upcoming acne. (it would be a double combo if used with restore serum from BRTC-trust me the result is queen-like) tee-hee~ not forget to mention that this products also provides high moisture to our skin at the very same time treat the killing acnes and pimples there~
Really recommended!

Though it's not cheap, let's put on a thought that nothing in the world worth having is cheap right?
and this product also have some minty scent, botanical scent, and If I'm not wrong, a little essence of alcohol scent~I'm not bothered by the smell of the most product actually, it has similar scent to the one's contains tea tree scent~

This product atually made for people out there with excesive sebum, (because most of the pimple and acne appear is from excesive sebum or oil from our oiwn skin), but I personally had a dry-acne prone skin, and it does not bother me, just make sure u put another thing on top of this product like, emulsion, lotion, cream, etc.( again, if you had a dry skin like me, if not, using this single serum for your night-time is enough for your life saver-since it also makes the skin do the job nicely focusing on absobing the only and one products applied on your skin) If I'm too tired, put this only product on my face is enough. No reason to be lazy. Remember, putting your whole skin care is like investing for your own self in the future ahead.

-treat acne and pimples
-didn't irritate my skin
-so moisturize my skin

-might be have a too strong scent for someone who had allergic to the scented product
-for some people might be kind of expensive
-only 30ml >___< *greedy me~LOL

that's for today lads
see you next time~

Good luck and God bless

- Daisy -

Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ Review

Happy Chinese New Year everyone~! Do you guys have a very pleasant and lovely weekend with your family and beloved one? Coz I do~^^ (and kinda forget about my skripsi/TA project for a while) XP

Now, now, let's get back to the main topic, have you ever heard of cushion? Lately the cushion based make up is really  hits right now, and I couldn't resist to try one. My first try on cushion type of make up~
There's a lot of cushion out there though, there's cc cream cushion, bb cushion, sun cushion (this one focussed more to the sun blocking function more) and even foundation cushion. Truth is, this baby kinda new product list on innisfree brand, I want to purchase it last year, around October, but it haven't available for shipping to Indonesia, so..yeah..I got it now~=D

This baby give the user an effective cover, long lasting wear, and with deep moisture too~

Cushion is made with great great SPF, It always kinda easy to find those with SPF 50+, the only problem is, it cost a lot than any other normal pact, bb cream, and even foundie..TT^TT (and YES!! it cost a lot more than my 50 gr bb cream D8)

The cushion is onle about 12-15gr, and not more, even though the pact is kinda big, the product on it is a little bit dissapointting though (so small) =__=

I got the shade number #1. Which is kinda too pale for my original skin, I didn't notice it until I put too much , and viola, my face appear totally like a ghost, maybe I need shade number #2.

I'm sorry I don't have any swatch for you guys, but I can show how the products works to my skin.
And this is the overall clean sleek package of this baby~

The color on the cushion tends to be darker than the product inside, (truth is, the product is waaaay more pale on my skin) so don't be misguided girls!

Well, excuse my acne scarring, redness, pimples, and blemishes, I just cleansed my face, so ..that's why the redness is kinda show up more after I wash my face throughly.
right face

*left face*

The yellowy dot's you see there, (It's kinda hard to see, it's noticeable though) is my concealer, I put innisfree bb cushion to my face after toner and moisturizer, and viola,..I put my concealer after then, but only a little tiny bit dab to my face (on top of innisfree bb cushion). and all the face finish is from the innisfree bb cushion~I use foundation brush to apply this mineral melting bb cushion, you just need to push the cushion with your brush to get the product inside~I even try the beauty blender, or beauty sponge with the same method (press/dab the cushion with it). And all those tools make the similar clean finish to the skin. (Although I find it more easier with using sponge or beauty blender brush) *oh yeah, why I said beauty blender brush?since Masami Shouko make one of a kind a beauty blender with a hanger like an usual brush--you can check it out on their website^^ or local store*

How's that?Looks so great? the coverage?as it promises, (as all cushion product promise)--> high coverage with dewy complextion finish. It's very natural, and so moist than my other bb cream and doesn't look cakey (if you don't put too much like me), does not need any powder to set, but if you have super oily skin, you might want to dab some loose powder on T-zone and U-zone area slightly. It look buildable too with long lasting wear,( it seems), because the weather in my city is full of rainy season and less sun rays, I guess we need a super extrra sun rays expose to see how bearable this product, and how long does it stays in our skin without smudging effect etc.

-so expensive for a student
-shade #1 is too pale for my skin
-(it seems) the puff is hard to cleanse
-only 15 g TT^TT

-so natural-sleek and clean finish
-easy for touch-ups
-easy to bring everywhere
-really good for urgenty
-nice package (eco-package)
-can be refilled ^^

Rating: 4.8/5 (minus 0.2 because of the price and the 15 g thingy) LoL

That is for all, thanks for reading guys..See you next time~
*all the photo is taken with my Iphone 4s*

- Daisy -

Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

Jasmine Waterful CC Cream Review SPF 50+ PA+++

Hello lovelies..I'm sorry due my busy schedule from college and school life, stuff, etc, I can't catch up to blogging these days. But, I finally find my little spare time to do some blogging, so here we are, I'm gonna have Jasmine Waterful CC cream review for all of us.

This product is from BRTC line, which is one of my topmost HG product. Since they had a very special line to fight acne, suitable for my sensitive and acne prone skin ^^ how great is that?

The words CC cream it claim is called Complete Combo Cream, with SPF 50+ PA+++. Sounds tempting yeah? I didn't even think for a second to buy this new baby. This product also promise me with glowing skin with hydrating skin care included in this lovely package. (Oh how I love this kinda package, it is so hygenic! And you guys must know how important hygenic product for us girlies who use makeup a lot).

With KFDA certificated Triplex function such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV block (SPF 50+ PA+++)

So, of all those information all above, we all could say this cc cream is more to the glowy-dewy side finish.
Let's try to swatch it for you guys~

This CC cream is more whiteish in colour than my innisfree cc cream, and have more clear small black capsule on it.

Well, I put kinda a lot to my hands, to let you know how this products works.

The first time I use this baby is when I was going for a little jog in the morning (rainy morning, geez~) I put it a little bit too much, so it leave me a very very white cast on my face, however, it does conceal my blemishes a bit.

As you can see, the first second applying this product makes your skin looks glowy, but after I leave it for a minute, this product fully absorbed into my skin colour, and does it jobs nicely. You can hardly see my birthmark right?

Actually, when I applied this on my bare face, (with only using toner and moisturizer) I could say this products totally on the matte side. I don't know about other ppl, but I find it more suitable for matte base makeup. Because on the other day, I use this after applied my full skin care in the morning, this product can't conceal my blemishes as good as when I'm only using my powdery finish moisturizer. I'm using a lot dewy and glowy skin care beforehand, and it does giving me..dissapointing result such as it leave my blemishes more clear to be seen. So I suggest you leve your skin care to fully absorbed into your skin before you use this cc cream, since, I trust this baby need a clean polished clean canvas before applied to maximize the function of this product.

-so natural if you just applied a little
-conceal blemish a little bit
-can be used alone on everyday activity
-doesn't break me out
-whitening and brightening effecton the skin
-can also give a matte finish base for your makeup
-contains high SPF
-hygenic package

-white cast if you put too much product on your face
-can't be applied on wet-dewy-glowy kinda skin surface (skin care effect)

Rating: 4/5
*I still prefer my innisfree cc cream though* tee-hee~
until next time ladies~^^
always stay prett

- Daisy -

Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

Review Etude House AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion

Hello everyone..^^ 
I'm back after "one year"..hehehe.. i'm sorry.. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!! Thank you for all support and we will try our best in this new year. ^^
I feel so blessed last year. I got many new experiences, good and bad memories. It was a happy year for me. ^^

The first product that i'll review in this new year is skincare from etude house. AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion.
I got this on November and i don't have time to write any review. But it give me a time to use this product and i can share what i thought about this product after one month. 
This product is not a new product and i already use it in trial kit. I love it so much so i bought a full size.

So..let's see the description :

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress extract, AC Clinic Gel Lotion delivers trouble care.  Skin Lotion maintains oil and moisture balance to supply trouble care and prevention.

Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested

'Non-Comedogenic' means it will not produce nor aggravate acne. AC Clinic line is formulated without acne-inducing ingredients to promote clear skin.
Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress extract

Actually,i don't really like alcohol on my skincare. But since i already bought it, i'll use it. :(
One thing that i like from ac clinic is non-comedogenic. I hate when i try any acne skincare,it'll produce acne before i get clear skin. People say that "Purging". And this product never give me any purging effect. 

The packaging of this product was not travel-friendly. I can't bring this product anywhere,too fragile and heavy. So i usually put the lotion into little plastic bottle if i want to go somewhere.

The scent of this product doesn't bother me and i'm quite familiar with this scent. But my friend really hate this type of scent and don't want use this line because the scent. For myself, as long as the product was effective..i don't mind about scent or packaging.

This product is lotion type skincare, which have more light texture than cream type. I use this type skincare a lot, it's comfortable and not produce any oil on my face. 

After i use this product for one month, i can say this product was good for my oily skin. It's maintains oil and moisture balance very well. And it prevent me from acne, there's no single big annoying acne on my face after i use it. XD 
My face become more clear and i love it so much. 
I use it every morning after i use my toner and in night i use collagen lotion. 
Overall i love it and will use it as my acne prevent skincare until i found more amazing product..hehehe

Since it's contain alcohol, i'll give : 4/5 :p

- Soojung -

Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Answer Questions & November Beauty Haul

Hello everyone.. It's Soojung..^^
After one month absent, i'm back with a few story that i want to share with you guys and new product review. I'm sorry that i can't post anything for past few weeks. Many things happen in this past few weeks and i'm very happy actually. I fallin' in love with my new interest and maybe with someone.(upps)
It's not something that related to beauty stuff. It's new interest that maybe give me a way to my future job. :)
I'm really sorry if i can't reply your comments and questions right away. I hope you understand.
I'm really sorry if you nominated me on Liebster Award . Thank you very much,i'm really happy. ^^
 I can't accept nomination right away, since i'm really busy for past few weeks. ><

I can't nominate other bloggers now, but i'll answer all questions.

Questions from Stella (blushindaisies.blogspot.com). 

1. What's your favourite skincare brand?Please share a must have from that brand.

It's little bit obvious for me. hehe..Of course it's innisfree, i'm obsessed with them. A must have from innisfree. hmm.. i think it's soybean energy essence and all their base makeup.

2. If you can only apply one make-up product on your face, what would that product be?
Lip tint i guess.  I have a dark lips,so i really need liptint for give some color. It also can be use as blush and will give me a fresh look right away. XD

3. Which celebrity is your role model/inspiration in beauty and fashion?
Song hye gyo..hahahaha.. She's still so pretty in her 30s. Her skin always looks very flawless. (so envy.T.T)
I also like Song Ji Hyo. XD

4.One thing you like about yourself?

hmm. i always try to consider other people feeling. I don't like see people sad or mad because of me. I prefer to sacrifice my feeling rather than see people that i love sad or mad. 

5. Heels or flats?
Flats. I can't use heels for a long time. :(

6. What are the top 3 destinations you want to visit? Why?
1. Korea. Especially Myeongdong and Innisfree Cafe in jeju island. As a makeup & skincare maniac,this place must be a heaven. 
2. Japan. I really like japan since i was young. I love their culture,i love hanami festival, i love manga.. XD
3. Maldives. Look this place in we got married khuntoria. Absolutely beautiful.. i really want visit this place with my future husband. <3

7. If only one of your wishes can be granted, what would that be?
I want fast graduated from university so my parents can take a rest from their work. 

8. Tea or coffee?
Tea. I hate coffee. :(

9. If you can live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why?
I don't have any spesific place. I just want to live peacefully with my family in beautiful place but i prefer beachside house with big glass window. (like a house in korean drama,full house)

10. Do you prefer shopping alone or with a bunch of friends
Alone. I can spend my time alone without consider other people feeling. If you alone,you can spend time as long as you want in the place that you like.

11. What do you usually do when you are free?
Playing with make up, try new looks that i watch from beauty channel or korean music video. I also like listening music. 

Questions from Momodicted (http://momodicted.blogspot.pt)

1. What was your childhood’s favourite makeup or skincare product to play with? 
 Lipstick. I remember my mother has a lot of lipstick sample from one brand. I take few of them and start playing with them.

2  What’s your favourite season of the year?
I live in tropical country so i can feel 4 seasons. But if i can choose, i will choose spring. I love cherry blossom.

What’s your favourite fashion item to use throughout the entire year?
hmm.. Cardigan. 

What is the one makeup item (just makeup, skin care not included) you couldn’t leave the house without applying? 
Lip product. (Lip tint or lipstick). I have a dark lips. 

Do you practice any sports? And what which is your favourite? 
No. I don't really like sports. ><

Sorry but I have to ask, any favourite anime?

Sailormoon. hahaha. I'm still watch it and listening tuxedo kamen theme song. (He and his rose..i'm a huge fan of him XD)

Who do you admire amongst your beloved ones?  
My mother. She's very hard working. :'(

8  What type of fragrances do you like? 
i like fruit fragrances. Peach or mango.

9  Do like horror and terror literature and movies? 
No, I don't. 

10  If you had a pet, would you dress it up? Or if you do, do you dress you pet in pretty or cool clothes? 
No, I wouldn't. 

11 Do you still keep a paper diary, the ones that had a lock and a key? 

No, i don't write any paper diary now.

That's my answer. Sorry if my answer are very short. >< 

It's already December. But i'll show you my november haul. I'll write the review later. (maybe on saturday)

- Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Smooth Toner
- Etude House AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion
- Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #4 Milky Violet
- NYX Liquid Brown Liner
- Sample

So..that's for today. See you in next post. ^^

- Soojung -